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June, 8th, 2019

Ah...Something worthy to add to the main page.
I've added ~450 new songs to the database making it sort of up-to-date.
After re-doing most of the code to make importing songs more or less automatic.
Still quite a few things have to be done manually, making it a time consuming task.
And then there is my good friend procrastination...

Now for the GUNNM - Martian Memory PSX project.
It's going slow atm.
We need Japanese -> English translators!
Anyone who can read just a bit Japanese is welcome!
The game texts aren't that difficould from what i hear, but we need more input if this game wishes to be translated completely.
Machine translations are far from ideal...
So if you have some spare time and can help out then please email or message me on the forums.
The tools are made to translate the texts, we now need the translators!

April, 25th, 2016

Just a few more changes under the hood.
Changed the forum look a bit by moving the avatar section to the left where it used to be.
I've also compiled a nice list of new mp3's, so expect that to appear in the next few days.
Also fixed a regression bug in the player code causing failure on initial file load.
Windows N users that use firefox now hear an audio warning that the browser does not support the MP3 file format.
This due to firefox relying on the build-in mp3 decoder of windows.
Since N versions (european, among others) lack the Windows Media Player and all codecs that come with it, firefox fails to play the music.
The solution is simple, install the Media Feature Pack that retrores the windows version to a regular one.
Or, download the very small codec pack i've created to install the missing MP3 DLL decoder file.
Both links can be found in the FAQ section.

April, 3rd, 2016

Added a couple more songs, nothing major.

March, 31st, 2016

More code updates under the hood.
Removed heaps of cluttercode from ancient times.
The player code has been updated and is much more stable now.
It also loads more snappy!

Next will we the finetuning of the forum template, but it seems to be working as is.
As always, if you spot any errors / problems, please report them via email or forum!

March, 13th, 2016

Been awhile since i updated the front page.
I have added 257 new songs to the site, making it more or less up to date.
I'm still sorting out more songs that are in my "TO DO" pile.
Also, some may have noticed a few changed to the player.
It it now working pretty good on most browsers.
A server update wiped a few settings that broke the player on anything other then Firefox.
Guess what browser i use mostly...
So it went unnoticed for some time.
The only browser that works funny is Chrome.
It loads the song fast half-way and then snail loads it to the end, making seeking hell.
Not sure if its Chrome or the Player itself.
I've also tried to upload most requests via the report button/musicboard/email.
If i have forgotten you, please make it known via either above!