Welcome to the FAQ section

In here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What quality is the MP3 file.

The music is encoded using the best source possible (44100Hz, 192kbps+ MP3, FLAC, APE, other lossless)
Lower bitrate (<192kbps) MP3's are not transcoded due to introducing artifacts in an already lower quality stream.
Transcoding / Encoding is done using LAME 3.99 Release 5 (Razorlame) with custom options (-V3 -q 0)
This results in a VBR (Variable Bit Rate) MP3 file that takes advantage over the whole bitrate spectrum (32 - 320 kbps)
The quality is FAR superior then a 160kbps CBR (Constant Bit Rate) file while still having the same or less filesize!
The encoder adapts to the amount of bits needed to encode a piece of sound while maintaining a certain quality level.
Voice only parts, mono parts, silenced parts all need less bits since they are not complex to encode.
Orchestral, heavy stereo panning, etc need A LOT of bits to maintain a certain quality level.
So basically put, the encoder uses less bits on easy parts and more bits on hard parts creating a high quality .MP3 that far exceeds CBR .MP3 files.

Why aren't your MP3 files 320kbps!

Bandwidth reasons, its sufficient quality.
For each 320kbps CBR file i host i can host 2 - 2.5 VBR mp3's.
Also some people still have smallband and downloading a 320kbps file would take like 15 minutes.
The VBR audio quality is already best for the majority of users. (also read the above statement)
The occasional audiophile that complains should go lossless anyway instead of lossy MP3!
And NO i won't host lossless!
Buy the CD or search for it elsewhere!

How does this playlist / musicplayer thing work?

Well instead of downloading each individual MP3, you can also listen to the songs online.
You can even make a playlist of your choice to listen to at home/work.
However there are a few things to keep in mind:

I hear a warning message in the player saying my browser lacks mp3 support.

The reason is that the HTML5 player tried to playback an mp3, but could not due to a missing decoder.
It then reverts to a fallback OGG Vorbis file format which doesn't exist on my server.
The most common reason is having an "N" version of windows.
This version is stripped of the "Windows Media Player" and other components mostly due to European regulations.
The Firefox browser doesn't have an MP3 decoder build-in due to licensing issues and relies on the decoder shipped with regular versions of windows.
Since the "N" versions of windows doesn't have the media player part, this is absent.
This is just one instance i came across that triggered the problem.
IE, Edge, Chrome should not have this problem.

The solution is simple.
Re-install the Windows Media Player so that the required codec is on the system.
Go to this webpage and select the Media Feature Pack that suits your version of windows.
After installation, reboot, and all should work again.

Don't want the entire Windows Media Player suite?
Download this file. ( v0.5 - cleaned up the code a bit. )
Extract it to a folder and right-click -> run as administrator on the "Install" file.

If both options are not usable, try a an alternative browser.

You are missing PHASES of Gunnm on your page!

Actually no...
Let me explain the difference of the phase and volume releases.
The single phases that get released are out of Ultrajump.
A volume contains 6-7 phases.
However, the phase numbering of Ultrajump and the phase numbering in the official volume release are out of sync by 4 (it will get out of sync more!).
So basically Phase 73 (Ultrajump) = Phase 69 in the volume release.
Volume 12 = Phase 73,74,75,76,77,78 (Ultrajump) or Phase 69,70,71,72,73,74 (Volume numbering)
Confusing, i know.
To make it even worse we stick to the official phase and official volume numbering.
After we do a volume release we fix the phase numbering to represent the volume numbering.
Then we remove the phases from the website in favour of the complete volume.
It looks like there is a gap in numbering, but there really isn't one.
So your not missing out on anything :)

The PHASE numbering of the volume release is not the same as the Ultrajump release!

See above article.

Why have you stopped translating BAA - Last Order?!!

The author changed publishers and the new publisher asked us nicely to stop translating.
We complied with this request.
The new publisher (Kodansha) is more speedy in releasing the manga.
This, the request and potential legal issues made us stop scanlating.
However, we will NOT stop providing a translating script of the raw's.
As long as there are people on the forum willing to translate it, it will be allowed.

Why can't i download from your site?

Easy-share, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload, ETC:
Some files are stored on these services.
You must have javascript enabled on these sites to get the file.
Usually you have to enter a CAPTCHA verification code and wait until a timer reaches 0 to get the download link.
Patience is a must :)

The download isn't working!

It can happen that my webserver/third party download server is offline.
Make really sure that it isn't a temporary problem by reading the page carefully.
If you are sure, get a 404 or file deletion notice then post a message in the forum or email me.
When you do either one (not both please) make sure to write down what link failed and why.
I usually ignore mails/posts saying "YOUR DOWNLOADS DON'T WORK. HELP!!!" as they lack info.
I'll try my best to fix the errors as fast as i can but it may take a day or so.

What do i do with those files i downloaded?!?

The .RAR file is an archive file similar to the popular .ZIP file.
It features compression, checksums, password protection and encryption.
You need a de-compressor to extract the contents out of the .RAR file.
Such a program is WinRAR or any .RAR compatible archiver.
When installed just doubleclick on the .RAR file or open the .RAR file in the program itself.
You may be asked to enter a password which is: <www.rippersanime.info>
Then select the file, hit the EXTRACT button and select where you want the contents to be placed on your computer.
After this you can use the contents and you can discard the .RAR file.

How do i recover a corrupted RAR file?

So did your downloaded RAR file have corruptions?
There is a way to recover your downloaded file without re-downloading it again. (Not the music RAR's!)

As you may or may not know, the RAR file has a recovery record that can help restoring the RAR file into its original form.
This greatly helps recovering from those transmission errors you may have had during download.

OK, this is how it works:

1) Start WinRAR (Not by clicking on the RAR file itself, just run the program)
2) Highlight the damaged RAR file.
3) Hit the Recover/Repair button.
4) Select 'Treat the corrupted archive as RAR'
5) A file called '_recover.rar' or '_reconst.rar' will be made, this is the fixed archive.
6) Unrar this archive to see if it cleared up the corruption.

Now WinRAR can repair most of the damage unless the damage was too extensive.
Winrar will fail or only do a partial recovery of a file when:

1) There was to many data corrupted for the recovery record to fix.
2) You didn't get the whole archive because the transmission dropped.
3) The recovery record sustained damage (Winrar can't do a recovery as its missing vital info)

Your website doesn't work on IE 6?!!

Yes i dropped all support of Internet Explorer version 6 and lower.
It's too much of a hassle to support it since these versions of the browser have nasty quirks.
Keeping it more or less working required extra stylesheets and a lot of dirty tricks.
These browsers should be called obsolete and should have been retired YEARS ago.
If you are one of the unfortunate that still used it, PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR BROWSER!
Not only do they lack support, are buggy and don't follow html standards, THEY ARE INSECURE!!!
With the End Of Life of Windows XP you cannot upgrade your Internet Explorer to any decent version.
Get an Alternative browser you probably have heard of that will work on those systems.
Get one from underneath as they are good, and will keep itself up-to-date.

I've reinstated some tweaks for Internet Explorer version 7 to make it work again.
Some people wanted this, but i urge you all to update to either use the latest Internet Explorer or an alternative!