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  • Anime music only! (H)Game related music requests are welcome.
  • Do not ask: "I want music of series ...". Provide us the song titles you really want!
  • Write a proper request like: I want to request "Anime name" - "Song Title" - "Artist".
  • If you don't know the (correctly written) title of the song, go here and click on the series name to find it!
  • Be patient as it can take a few days up to a week for someone to find/post the music you want. Keep checking!
  • Requests remain online for 15 days. Maximum file size allowed is 16384 KB.

No.19384   [Reply]

Attack On Titan - Red Swan

Time flies if you still remember me. Almost ten years passed. Learnt a lot since back the days. Oh, just want to mention if you want a sponsorship more than just a mirror server, feel free to contact me now. I have much more resources than back in days when I was so young xD.

>> No.19385   File: 01.Red Swan.mp3 (10792202 Bytes)

Here's the song.
for the rest, refer to th email i just sent :)

No.19377   [Reply]

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms - Viator by rionos
Be the NAKED by Lead
Sakura Sake by Yoshida Yamada
3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season - Futari nara by BiSH
Mini Toji - Kono Bangumi wa Ura Wakaki Koumuin-tachi no Tekyou de Ookuri Itashimasu by Kanami Etou (Kaede Hondo) & Mihono Asakura (Himika Akaneya)

>> No.19380   File: [NazeMinato]_rionos_-_Viator.mp3 (11513682 Bytes)
>> No.19381   File: [NodeLoid]_Lead_-_01_-_Be_The_Naked.mp3 (8062449 Bytes)
>> No.19382   File: [NodeLoid]_Yoshida_Yamada_-_01_-_Sakura_Sake.mp3 (11046523 Bytes)
>> No.19383   File: [YumeOST]_BiSH_-_Futarinara.mp3 (9402126 Bytes)

No.19378   [Reply]

A while back, someone asked for the second OP to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, and I said that at the time it hadn't even started in the broadcast yet. I don't know if that person follows this request board regularly since that request has since been removed, but here it is.

>> No.19379   File: Daisuke Hasegawa - Uragirimono no Requiem.mp3 (8715417 Bytes)

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