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Hello again. Sorry to request something so soon but wanted some help with some opening and endings for Umaru Chan R and Castle Town Dandelion. Thanks again for reading this request and for your help!

Umaru R:
Opening Theme:
"Nimensei ☆ Uraomote Life!" (Two-Sidedness ☆ Two-Faced Life!) by Aimi Tanaka
Ending Theme:
"Umarun Taisō" (Umarun Calisthenics) by SisterS

Castle Town Dandelion:
Opening Theme:
"Ring Ring Rainbow!!" by YuiKaori
Ending Theme:
"Honey♥Come!!" by Yui Ogura

>> No.19085  

Whoops! Seem Ripper already has Castle Town Dandelion on the music page after all. Please ignore that request and simply look for the Umaru Chan R Op/End themes. Thank you again.

>> No.19087   File: 01 - Nimensei___Ura Omote Life! [Himouto! Umaruchan R Opening].mp3 (10458490 Bytes)
>> No.19088   File: 01 - Umarun Taisou [Himouto! Umaruchan R Ending].mp3 (9500328 Bytes)

Late, sorry.

>> No.19090  

No worries Anon. Thanks for your help! =)

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