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WP-xxx-yyy / WP+xxx+xxx

Text Window Position measured from top-left of the first character.
A character = 16x16 pixels.
First is the X offset (- is to the left), second the Y (+ is to the bottom.
X = 242 max, Y = 108 max for top-left corner.


Text Window Size measured in character width.
xx = characters per line and yy = amount of lines.
30 characters wide is the visual limit.


Leading and kerning. (line height spacing / character spacing)
xx = Leading, yy = kerning in pixels decimal.
1616 is default and must be declared in the beginning after WS.


Margin-left for the following character.
x = 0-9 where g0 is the default value.


Color tag for next character only.
xxx = shorthand hex color like f30(red).
The following are used in-game: c0f3, c86f, ce5c, cf0d, cf30, cff0.


Line start indent spaces.
Adds a space where xx is the amount of spaces.
The following are used in-game: w+01 and w+02

b0-b7 + br

Text color out of a loaded pallette.
First 8 are "safe" colors and br(78) looks like an end tag that returns to default color.


Line break
Issued after the max amount of characters reached, or a forced return.


Pause text and empty text window.
When the lines of the text windows are used up or you want to start with a clean text window.
Text continues after pressing the dedicated key.


Text speed where 0 is instant and 9 is slow character printing on screen.


??? last tag after a menu with t0.
If it is in the source text use it!

[0 , [1 , etc

Menu option
2 bytes followed by a blank space 8140 for 1 character padding to accomodate the choice arrow!

[DD0 , [DD1 , etc

Selected menu option.
4 bytes followed by a blank space 8140!


text fade-in instead of each character appearing.
s3 = 3 seconds, t0 = instant text due to fading, a1 = ?, n1 = ?.
a+n both are always "1"!!


Text box background color.
xxx is a shorthand hex color of the semi transparent background.


Text box foreground color (border).
Color x is a color from "a" palette.
Only values "1" and "3" are used in the game.